Crime victims’ rights have often been ignored by the criminal and juvenile justice system. Crime victims in the District of Columbia need and deserve rights and services to assist them in the aftermath of crime.   In 2004, Congress enacted the Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CVRA) and the D.C. City Council has adopted various victims’ rights provisions. The CVRA sets forth independent, enforceable rights for crime victims in the District of Columbia.  In an August 2009 evaluation funded by the National Institute of Justice entitled “Finally Getting Victims Their Due: A Process Evaluation of the NCVLI Victims’ Rights Clinics”, addressed the issue that the “clinics were conceived as a response to the fact that, in spite of burgeoning victims’ rights legislation in all states, including the District of Columbia Code § 16-2340,    many victims still were not receiving the rights they are entitled to under law.”  In May 2009, District of Columbia Crime Victims’ Resource Center (DCCVRC) received funding from the National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) to establish a clinic to assist crime victims in the District of Columbia. In 2010, DCCVRC received additional funding from the DC Office of Victims Services (DCOVS) to further support victim rights enforcement.